Friday, December 18, 2009

Men: How to Coordinate and Accessorize Winter Wear

     I sure hope that men don't think they are exempt from fashion. Although I notice there are some who do take care into what they wear, I have also noticed some who don't, which to me indicates that there is a lack of interest=lazy, or self confidence. But then again, there are some men out there who are virtually clueless. I'll try my best to not come down so hard on you blokes, but this is an issue that must be addressed (this blog is for you, Bossy; Thanks for being the leading man who follows my blog). Although we have finally come face-to-face with Old Man Winter (he's a bitter old geezer, isn't he?), it is just as important for men, as it is for women, to wear warm, yet fashionable clothing this season to counteract with this harsh winter.
     There are two important features of a man's winter wardrobe I would like to address: layering and textures of clothing that are appropriate, as well as key to a warm, stylish, yet simple wardrobe. Layering does not mean that you should look like the Good Year blimp wobbling down Commonwealth Ave. Layering not only allows for warmth, but once you get to your destination you can remove those layers accordingly (and appropriately, no stripteasing, leave that for the Chippendales). Anyway, let's begin with the bottom most layer, the undershirt or t-shirt (H&M,starting at $5.95). It is important, as well as sensible, to have an under layer of clothing against the torso in the winter time. Bottom line: unless you intend on getting cold in your bones and suffering from rheumatoid arthritic pain when you get older, then I say, don't wear an undershirt, be my guest.

     Also, the undershirt brings the entire look together, making it look polished and neat. Albeit a simple,  daytime look, a man will look like he put some thought into what he looked like before he left the house. Atop the innerwear could be either a long sleeved shirt or button-down. This layer should be appropriate enough to be exposed to the public. In other words, keep the thermal tops, or as my mother calls them "LCDs" or "long cotton drawers", underneath your clothing! No one should see your underwear, please, and thank you! Some men may even prefer to wear the thermals underneath a t-shirt, and then layer the shirt on top. Whatever works for you, as long as it is neat.
     Let's talk about what bottoms, or pants (cheap finds: H&M, starting at $19.90) that could be worn with this look. This also will tie into textures as well. Corduroys, denim (weekend or days off from work) or whatever casual pants you may choose. Just please, wear a belt, and please, please, please make sure the pants fit well! Other good textures of clothing that are suitable for winter: wool, cotton, cashmere and flannel. You can wear these textures in the form of sweaters, vests, sweat shirts or basic shirts. Textures are important because certain ones are appropriate for particular seasons. For example, wool is more suitable for the winter than it is for the summer.
     Winter accessories include hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, and outerwear, of course (cheap finds: Marshall's, H&M starting at $5.90). Although these items do not have to necessarily match in color, do make sure they complement each other. In other words, if you have a red scarf, make sure your other accessories complement the red scarf. If your scarf has designs, pull out a color in the scarf and have your hat or gloves match that. There is no excuse for having one green glove and one yellow glove. And don't give me that shit about  "I don't care, I just want to be warm" because you know you didn't buy the gloves as a pair that way, and you are too grown to be looking like a Nickelodeon reject.
     Outerwear: my friend recently scored a pea coat for $100 from Macys (I am so proud of him, I think a "movie" tear fell..that's one tear from one eye, work with me here! ). I personally think that men look distinguished, classy, and handsome in pea coats, but there are other forms of outerwear on the market. As long as you are warm and your coat isn't falling apart, you are golden. I work at H&M so you will see I have posted some pricing on here from that mass merchandiser. The cost of men's outerwear at H&M varies from $69.95-99.95. Because these coats are made of wool, and winter garments cost more to make, the pricing will be a bit higher. These prices are actually low for winter coats because at other retailers who specialize in menswear will be priced higher.

I hope this article/blog helps those men who need a bit of help when accessorizing winter wear. Feel free to comment or leave questions.


Anonymous said...

good article

Anonymous said...

an undershirt in the winter is a must

Dita Tastemakr said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I agree, that an undershirt SHOULD be worn primarily..but some people I've noticed lately are ONLY wearing T-shirts outside...sigh!!! Makes me shudder just looking at them.