Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do Bostonian Women Have A "Uniform" Sense of Style?

Boston is known to have some of the most Prestigious schools in the nation, breeding some of the most talented and intelligent people in possibly the whole world (hint of arrogance and patriotism...). There are prominent doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers just to name a few. While this city is quite known for its conservatism, from the building structures to the way most people dress, I have come to wonder: do the women who live in this city unconsciously follow some sort of uniformed way of style?
I've come to notice that most Bostonian women, whether she's a college student from out of town, or was born and bred in this very city, rarely display a unique sense of style. I am not discrediting the few women I do see every day who do stand out from the crowd and even I have made a double-take to admire those who dare to be different. But I have to say that the majority seem to wear pretty much of the same things, for example, the uniformed style of dress has been of late, a Longchamp tote, black leggings, Uggs or tall riding boots, and North Face fleece.
Yes, I am guilty of wearing Uggs, and right now I own two pair (possibly alluding to the fact that I may score another pair), and I am not discouraging anyone from wearing or buying them-they are quite comfortable, however ugly..yes somethings can be bought for function are not always fashionable..anyways...I wear them to run to the store, or if I've overslept and need to dash out of the house to school or work. However, my concern is this: however long it takes for me to leave home to go to school or work, I've noticed at least 6 out of 10 women have a Longchamp tote, with black leggings, with either Uggs on or riding boots, and the optional North Face fleece..of course mixing and matching these trends.
One woman may have the Uggs and the leggings, with the Longchamp tote, or another woman who is going to work may have on slacks, Uggs, the North Face fleece and her Longchamp tote. Whatever the combination is, it is indicative to me that that is the Bostonian "uniform" of choice this season. This also shows that most women tend to fall victim to wearing several trends at once (I will have a special blog on this's quite sad actually). Again it is not the items I have illustrated in this column that are an issue, but the fact that several women tend to imitate this exact look down to the last detail. I just want to know, are people in Boston so conservative at work, that they retain that same demeanor when dressing for the weekend or a day off? Loosen up, Boston, is all I am suggesting.
Trends are what they are for a reason, and I don't know anyone who would be caught dead wearing anything that is not in style (well, I don't know them personally but such creatures do exist). Although there are employee dress codes enforced at many businesses, it seems to me that women here tend to follow a certain dress code outside of work, because I see the exact same look repeatedly and on several women at a time, in a given day. This can be indicative of three things: either most people are too lazy to deviate from what the masses are wearing; they are afraid of standing out from the crowd and not being accepted as a result of it, or they just don't know how to develop their own sense of style and it is easier to copy someone else.
Readers, when you leave the house for now on, look around and see how many people (women were used as an example for this column because I am one) are dressed alike. It doesn't have to be a Longchamp tote with riding boots and leggings, but just notice how many people have the exact same items on worn the exact same way. Please, someone tell me I am having a hallucination and just seeing the same person all over Boston, simultaneously..a million times over....


Anonymous said...

The article was well put together
and you may have a point about the fashion
sense of Bostonian women

Can't wait to read your next blog

Dita Tastemakr said...

@ Antiguabossy: Thanks for your comment, stay tuned I will be blogging about men's dress in the near future; I haven't forgotten about you!