Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 Winter 2009 Important Trends for the Recession-Conscious

 (To the Fashion Merchandising Dept Chair @ Bay State College, Patricia Nugent, for inspiring me to start my blog with my first writing assignment in her Fashion Merchandising Course).

No matter where one lives on this massive planet, everyone is influenced by fashion in some way, be it directly, or indirectly. Now that Winter is approaching, and most people have tucked away their summer wardrobe (unless you live in the Florida Keys, California, or vacationing on an island somewhere; there is no reason why I should be seeing flip flops and shorts..for the season-confused, check weather.com or your local news station)...anyways I was rudely interrupted by the mere thought of some people who neglect to walk by a mirror on the way out....back to our regularly scheduled program....Now that Winter is approaching, consumers everywhere are gallivanting to the nearest store in hopes to score the latest fashion trends.
Even in the midst of a recession, which has affected even the average shopper's spending habits; people still want to dress fashionably. Therefore, Winter 2009 trends must reflect power, hope, and humanity, despite any financial turmoil the world must endure at this point. The color green, higher necklines and ornamented merchandise will ensure that the wearer of these trends will continue to exude strength and confidence.
Green is manifesting itself in many ways, through clothing, footwear and jewelry this season.
Green is one of the trends because it symbolizes hope, in spite of an uncertain future. Also green can mean luck, and is also the color of money. In Chinese cultures, jade is worn for good fortune. Green can also be associated with the world's concern for saving this planet's natural resources. This color is important this winter because throughout this recessional crisis, people need to feel a sense of hope that the economy will get better. Adding the color green to one's wardrobe may even allow one to feel closer to nature, or even God(or whatever higher power one chooses to worship). While green is a symbol of optimism, high necklines this winter exude strength and confidence.
High necklines are important this season, because they not only represent confidence, but also the wearer appears more conservative than he or she would have in the summer. Since it is cooler, the clothing is most naturally going to cover up more parts of the body (for most of us who are fully conscious of the seasonal changes in our region of the world). People may be more reserved when it comes to spending money since the recession began. Therefore, this reserved attitude may reflect itself in the way people are choosing to dress nowadays (and again I am referring to normal people who are in the right frame of mind and do not think it is normal to wear Havianas as the snow is melting on the ground. Also, designers are very conscious of how the recession has affected everyone, and has used this to translate conservatism into fall fashion.
A consumer may choose a garment with a high neckline because it is also more frugal (and warmer around these parts, and for the umpteenth time I am making reference to those people who do not wish to catch cold in their joints and bones in the long run for not wearing the proper winter attire). Ahem, as I was saying, a higher neckline is more frugal than purchasing jewelry to elongate the neck. Higher necklines exude royalty, in spite of the world's current financial struggle. Structurally speaking, a garment with a high neckline almost forces the wearer to stand erect (referring to those who know how to conduct themselves when wearing certain attire and know there is a certain decorum and canons of taste by which most decent people abide by), and in doing so the wearer gives off an air of confidence and strength. Ornamentation is another important trend because it declares how the world shows appreciation for various cultures, and that bond that fashion creates can allow for a more hopeful, and even speedy financial recovery (work with me here).
Ornamented clothing and accessories can also substitute for purchasing expensive jewelry if one wishes to aim for that "expensive look", but definitely for a fraction of the price. Also, this trend pays homage to the Far East, which is important, because, if not any other time, humanity must embrace each other for its cultural differences, especially during wartime and economical turmoil. Ornamented pieces this season also appear futuristic, another sign that, despite the world's current financial status, humanity, namely designers, tend to remain resilient and creative enough to continue to wow the consumer with the latest trends. Lastly, ornamented merchandise tends to exude glamour and richness, despite how much money is in the wearer's bank account. In that aspect, this trend also represents power and confidence.
Throughout history, humanity has managed to withstand the ravages of war and poverty. Rich or poor, black or white, what the consumer has in common with others is that he or she wants to feel a sense of control, power, and confidence, which reflects itself in self expression, or fashion. Designers know that the consumer will always want to be "in the know" when it comes to the latest fashion trend, at any price. Also, they are aware that the general public relies upon the designers to be able to create their strengths, hopes and dreams in three-dimensional form. Although no one may be certain of his or her financial future at this point, consumers are still willing to pay a small price for new fashions. Winter 2009 trends include the "lucky" and hopeful color green, regal, high necklines and futuristic, multicultural ornamentation. It is vital that humanity remains optimistic and strong at this time, and these trends are a strong representation of just those qualities that keeps the world thriving.


arlin said...

Very interesting... I imagined myself wearing green and it was fabulous! Buuut I refuse to give up my slippers... heeh! The high neckline... I can definitely do! Thanks for the tips!

Dita Tastemakr said...

Definitely, a "no" to the slippers!! See that snow out there on the ground? (smile) Thanks for reading this blog and I am glad that you've got something meaningful out of it.