Sunday, December 20, 2009

Going Commando: To Wear or Not to Wear Underwear? That is the Question!

     According to, the term "going commando" means "to not wear underwear". This term was derived from army commando missions that were so "so intense that you supposedly pooped your pants. If you didn't wear any underwear then you couldn't defecate in them, which means you could boast about not going in your pants".  Nowadays women go 'commando", or go without wearing any panties, for less extreme reasons than going on covert military missions. While some may think that this practice is taboo or even distasteful, others think that it is even necessary to successfully pull off wearing certain articles of dress, while being classy of course.
     Although such retailers as Victoria's Secret or Calvin Klein have launched lines of "minimizer" panties, which are designed to minimize the appearance of panty lines, tend to 'cut' a woman's shape to the point where the outline of the panty can be seen through the clothing being worn. For example, I've interviewed a number of women who've all agreed that going "commando" is necessary when donning a pair of white pants. (Note: not wearing panties with sheer fabric may be obvious to the public, so do so at your own risk). No matter what type of panty, be it brief, bikini, or thong, some women feel that a panty line will be noticeable, no matter what color, and it also makes white pants appear unflattering. In my opinion, cerain dresses require going "commando" because of the way they hug the (my) body.
     For example, no form of panty does me any justice when I wear a wrap dress (and yes, I am wearing my correct panty size, and I am also referring to wearing one in the summer, without tights). I've tried Calvin Klein's seamless panty, and even thongs, but the result is the same: the outline of my undies still show under the dress! No one should see a woman's pantyline, ever! Although some women cringe at the thought of going "commando", others see it as fashionably necessary. As long as it is done in a discreet manner, going without panties could make a woman look polished, and the silhouette of the garment smoother. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Haha love this post!! And I agree,sometimes it is absolutely a fashion neccessity to go commando. I have been known to do a time or two myself. :)


A Stylized Hysteria said...

Ooh, I have to disagree. In my experience, wrap dresses + slightest gust of wind= a time where going commando is a baaaaad idea. In fact, I so often have wrap dresses fly open on me that I wear half slips under them now.

I can understand the desire to nix panty lines, but I usually end up layering slips or wearing boy shorts. I get cold too quickly to go commando!

I'm loving the blog and I've added you to my blogroll. It was great meeting you!

Dita Tastemakr said...

@ A Stylized Hysteria: Thanks for reading my blog. I agree with you not going "commando" in the winter, it is way to cold for that. I just do it in the summer time with certain outfits because no type of underwear will won't go undetected, especially when I wear a wrap dress!