Friday, June 24, 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway!!!

As we approach summer, women everywhere have quickly shedded their winter duds, and traded them in for lighter clothing . However, what I am finding out, as I chat with my girlfriends via email, text, or Twitter (oh, the pitfalls of technology), is that they are having trouble finding practical and stylish, yet affordable clothes to wear as the seasons transition. Sometimes all we want in an outfit is instant glam without all the fuss, especially all of you career women out there! When frumpy just won't do....

Please check out The Shabby Apple, to discover wonderful vintage-inspired women's dresses and skirts. This fabulous online clothing boutique was founded by Emily & CK who aim to deliver practical and comfy, yet stylish clothing that can transition from the office during the day, into fun-filled summer nights on the town. I just adore the "Adelaide", a blue pencil bow skirt, which pays homage to a similar style worn in the 1940's. What I like about this garment is that it promises to accentuate curves, and is versatile to many body types. Please take a bite out of The Shabby Apple's delicious website and get 10% off if you mention the "stylebuffet10off" code, which expires 30 days from the date of this post.

By the way, "Adelaide" is up for grabs in a very exciting giveaway! Simply comment on my post and you are eligible to win! Only US residents could enter.
Photo: Adelaide Pencil Bow Skirt

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Got A Table Pad? Enter Contest To Win

Who says being a fashionista means that your furniture gets neglected? Remember, fashion is anything that is popular at a given moment, which means that that could be anything from "white" sportscars  to "earth toned" furniture. And, speaking of furniture, have you ever had table tops in your home become damaged from wear and tear, or applying hot objects to them? Well, Wholesale Furniture Brokers are giving away a free table pad, which has been manufactured by the Ohio Table Pad Company, who also makes dining table pads. To enter the giveaway, click on this Table Pad Giveaway link for more details. Hurry, because the deadline for the contest is February 28, 2001.
So enter, and get a chance to win a table pad to protect your fabulous yet fashionable furniture!

Photo: Table Pad

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why I Love My Reebok Zigs

As a self-professed "girly girl", I usually prefer my heels, pumps, and ballet flats over a pair of sneakers. I always felt that they belong in a gym class, and not as part of my everyday wardrobe. However, when I was chosen to help Reebok backstage at their corporate fashion show last September, fate (and the Reebok company discount) connected me with a wonderful pair of sneakers with the Zig Tech design. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they are very comfortable! It is almost like I am walking on cushions. These sneakers come in a brilliant variety of colors, for Men, Women, and Children. The Zig Zag design allows for shock absorption so feet don't bear the brunt of walking on concrete, exercise, or standing for long periods of time. Not to mention I adore the girly pink-purple ones I scored from the corporate store, which makes me feel like I am wearing a pair of heels, without the painful scraping and toe-scrunching. But wait? Who said I would have to give up my heels anyway?

Price: $99.98