Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dita Digs Shoe Designer Nicholas Kirkwood

     British shoe designer, Nicholas Kirkwood launched his fabulous shoe collection in 2005. His shoes exude futurism, are truly innovative, and resemble architectural design. As a shoe designer Kirkwood has proven himself as a trendsetter who is a leader of the pack rather than a follower. His designs are a prelude to what footwear would evolve into, in the future. Kirkwood represents designer footwear of the new decade, as well as years to come.

     I think he is to shoe fashion right now, what designer Andre Courreges was to the 1960s with his "Moon Girl Collection": ahead of his time. If I had to describe the type of women who would wear his shoes, I'd say "she is daring, sets her own trends rather than follows them; She's flashy, and prefers standing out from the crowd rather than blending in with it; She's sexy, powerful, and stands tall with confidence, just as a beautiful and natural piece of architectural design, just like the footwear of genius Nicholas Kirkwood". 


Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Man Should Have in His Closet

     I think a man's wardrobe should look quite different than it did when he was a boy growing up, because being a man requires more. His status in life has changed (or should have); He has more of an established career and should have an idea by now what he wants out of life. Therefore, he should have the means to make better choices in attire, and have acquired more sophisticated tastes in fashion than he had when he was in high school. (This is not true for some, to much disappointment, because I've noticed some men who still dress like they are sophomores in high school). Anyhow, here is a list of staples I believe should be in an adult male's closet.

1. A Suit. Oooooh, I love a man in a suit. There is nothing sexier than a man in a suit. He exudes power, confidence, prestige, and sophistication. Aside from that, there are certain events that men will attend that will require that he wears a suit (not to mention that it is very professional for a man to wear one to a job interview). Also, formal occasions may arise, such as a Christmas dinner party held at the Westin Hotel by the company he works for, a black-tie charity event  a wedding, funeral, church, etc.

2. Blazer. These are essential because they are staples to a man's wardrobe, as it is for a woman's wardrobe. It can be worn at work, or paired with denim for a casual yet sophisticated look when a man is on a date, out with friends, or at a function where suits aren't required, but looking "classy" is. (It sickens me to see men dressing like teenage boys (sagging or torn jeans, over-sized clothing, tight clothing, etc). Is it because he trying to hang on to his childhood, or "keep it real"? If a man wants to be taken seriously ( as a man) he needs to look the part.

3. Crisp button-up shirts. I think men should have these on-hand, not only for work, but also for the same reasons he would have a suit or blazers. There are some events that a man would be required to attend, that would call for a nice shirt and tie. A button-up shirt is simple, classic, and can be interchanged with a suit, or dressed casually with pants/denim, and a blazer. Sophistication is the key!!!

4. A great pair of Denim.  ( A great pair that fits, please!! Baggy and saggy is unattractive, unkempt, and shows lack of self-confidence; I also think "skinny" is not a good look on men, either! Oh no she didn't, OH YES I DID).
I think great denim serves the same purpose for men as it does women. Seven For All Mankind, Rock & Republic, and Rockawear make some very flattering denim for men. As I've stated to the women, "if you look good you will feel good".

5. Dress shoes.Just as there are certain types of clothing a man should wear for a given occasion, the same goes for footwear. Wing-tipped, square-toed, oxfords, loafers, gators (oh my!), or whatever style men prefer. It is important that a man's look is appropriate from head-to-toe.

6. Polo shirts. They are very simple, and casual, but more sophisticated than wearing a t-shirt.

7. Tie. I cannot say this enough; There are some events in a man's life that will demand he dress a certain way.

8. T-Shirts. These are excellent for layering and are a basis to just about any wardrobe (can be worn under a button-up shirt worn with a suit, or under a blazer and some trousers).

9. Trousers. Most jobs don't allow employees to wear pants, and trousers are casual and not as fancy as dress pants, or pants that are part of a suit. Even if a job allows a man to wear denim at work, at least try not to look like your 15-year-old nephew when you are wearing them.

10. Trench Coat. Simple, yet sophisticated. It can be worn to work, or to a formal function. The good thing about a trench coat, as well as the many other items on this list, is that it serves many functions and can be worn more than once. Most importantly, it can be cost-effective to have pieces that can be incorporated in more than one type of wardrobe.

Stores:  Brooks Brothers, Macys, H&M, Marshalls, Filene's Basement, Men's Wearhouse, Banana Republic

Photos: (Hugo Boss suit) ;(shirts) ; (Rock & Republic denim) ;(Burberry trench coat)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Dita's Addiction: Lash Blast Length Mascara By Covergirl

When it comes to cosmetics, I will try just about anything once. But when I find a certain brand that is proven effective, I will stick to it like glue. Lash Blast Length is affordable (CVS, $9.49), and actually does as advertised, and works as well as a luxury mascara does. As the name states, it does add length that makes a noticeable difference.I also think that this mascara is easy to apply, because the bristles on the applicator are spread far enough to avoid clumping, adding volume and length to one's natural eye lash, length.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swagger Like...Victoria Beckham

       First of all I have to say that some of the most stylish and most fabulous fashionistas in the "game" are British, and Victoria Beckham is at the forefront. She has gallivanted her way from being known as 1/5 of the UK Pop group "The Spice Girls" to being a celeb fashion designer, entrepreneur, and trend setter. She has also added author to her list of accomplishments, with a book titled That Extra Half an Inch. It is a must read! In her book, she covers various topics from denim, heels, and lingerie, to hair and makeup, and how to look fabulous during and after pregnancy. She also gives practical tips on where to shop on a budget.
     Some critics may think that she does not have what it takes to write a book, and own her own clothing and perfume line, but I beg to differ. She is very fashion forward and sets her own trends, barely enlisting the help of a personal stylist to help her put together her outfits! What better fashion advice can one get than from a globe-trotting trendsetter? She's worldly, has access to many designers and celebrities, and is married to one of the sexiest and most successful soccer players in the world. So her swagger and devil-may-care attitude makes her confident enough to know that she can contribute to the fashion industry in many ways as possible, and this is someone whom I'd take advice from; Someone who is already where I want to be can give the most valuable advice.
     Mrs. Beckham is nobody's "trophy wife"-she has her own luxury denim (dVb), clothing (Victoria Beckham), and perfume lines (Beckham Signature), and as I've stated before, a book title under her belt. Also, she is a doting mother. Said British designer Matthew Williamson, "Victoria clearly loves fashion, and her style is watched and copied by many. It's interesting to me to look at how her personal style has evolved over the years". And some may wonder, "why should I read a book by a former Spice Girl?" She is more than that. She can relate to the average woman more so than a supermodel or an actress could,  because "I am not a six-foot-tall model, nor am I a pin-up model for men, and, for this book, that's my strength, because I am a girls' girl".

Suggested Reading: That Extra Half an Inch, By Victoria Beckham

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dita's Addiction: Fruits and Passion Rollerballs Pink & Mango Evasion


     In my opinion, the Fruits and Passion retailer is Canada's answer to the US's Bath and Body Works, or maybe even better. I scored some of their products on a visit to Toronto for Caribana last August, and I fell deeply in love with two fragrances: Pink, and Mango Evasion. They both have a sweet smell and I find that they are still strong enough to last you throughout the day without being overwhelming. I purchased the rollerballs, which are portable and easy to reapply while on the run, at $16.00 each (Canadian currency). I did hear recently that Fruits and Passions are launching some US stores, which I am excited about. In the meantime, I suggest you log on to to view and order some of their products.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Hot Mess Express-Are You Aboard? (Part I, Make Up Misdemeanors)

     I sure hope people are running away from this train, rather than hopping on it. However, some of you are content with looking a hot mess and won't give up your seat for anybody. I know people like to express individuality, but there is a fine line between being eccentric and looking "tore up". Also, there are some people who are just plain lazy. I asked a few people what they considered fashion "oh-hell-no's" when wearing makeup . You either have seen people commit these makeup "misdemeanors" or you probably have been guilty of them yourself.
     Misdemeanor#1. "Black" Lipliner. There is no such thing as "black" lipliner. Stop lining your lips with black eye liner. If you are unsure how to wear make up, consult a professional or pick up a fashion magazine, and read the cosmetics section. There is no excuse for this mess. It is tacky! Unless you charge your "clients" by the hour to support your drug habit, by all means, keep wearing your black (eye) lip liner. This brings me to Misdemeanor #2. Remember when we were in Junior High and we didn't really know how to apply eye make up so we drew that one line across our eyelids and called that "putting on make up"? Well, it is 2010 and the one line no longer is acceptable. If you are too lazy to make up your face the right way I suggest you don't attempt to put any on at all.
     There are some cosmetic shortcuts that have been featured in magazines to help women apply makeup "in a cinch" or "on the go", but then there are some things that indicate that some people are just plain lazy. Again, seek a professional; Go to a cosmetic counter at a department store or mall and get a free make over (be courteous to whomever served you and at least buy a lipstick or eyecolor). While getting a free make over, the make up artist will show you how to properly apply eye make up, which brings me to Misdemeanor #3. Blend, blend, blend! Don't take an intense color, like turquoise, from lid to brow-unless, you are a cast member from "Cirque Du Soleil", or Ronald MacDonald. Maybellene and Cover Girl have eye compacts with instructions on how to apply eye makeup from lid to brow-lid, crease, and highlights.
     If you are a Sephora fanatic like myself, Stila Cosmetics have great instructional palletes that "talk" you through the process of creating nice eye shadow combinations, from "Au Natural" to "smoky". Misdemeanor #4. Mismatched foundation. Please get a foundation that matches your skin tone and stop scaring people, you don't know who has heart problems, so be considerate. Seriously, please seek a professional when choosing foundation for your skin so you won't look like a powdered donut. Don't be so arrogant that you'd rather look like a pie face than admit that you need professional help. Not only that, caking on foundation can clog the pores, break outs and even cause wrinkling.
     Remember, if you are unsure of how to properly apply or wear makeup, consult a professional, be it a "Lancome Lady" or a You Tube clip. Flip around in a Vogue or Glamour Magazine, that have monthly features on make up trends and how to practice them at home. It is 2010, and there are too many resources online, in stores, and in magazines for anyone to have any excuses. As Helena Rubenstein, a famous cosmetician stated, "there are no ugly women, just lazy ones."

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dita's Addiction: Small Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote

Based upon my "Fabulous Fragrance Flavor of the Month" blog, Louis Vuitton's creative Director, Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite luxury designers. I scored one of these fabulous totes in neon blue, and have been "toting" it around town ever since. This bag comes in several colors-Gray, neon Blue, neon Pink, neon Yellow, neon Orange and neon Green. They are not only fun, but they are also durable-I tend to over stuff my handbags with "everything but the kitchen sink", and this tote shows no signs of budging anytime soon. Most importantly, these totes are also affordable. (Price upon request,) Marc by Marc Jacobs Store, Newbury Street Boston.

Dita's Addiction: Billy Stretch Denim, in Medium Vintage, by True Religion

I am proud to say that I have been on the True Religion bandwagon since Fergie mentioned them in the Black Eyed Peas "Humps" song. I am so addicted to these jeans and had them for more than three years, and they still look like new-especially compared to other jeans I own at lower price points. They are currently priced at $172.00 (, Saks5th Ave; True Religion Store, or check out the Outlet in Wrentham Village) but I feel as if a great pair of denim is worth the splurge. They even feel better than the average pair of denim (99% cotton, 1% spandex) and I find that they retain their original shape. Also, they make my rear end look so much more flattering.

Dita's Addiction: Mac Paint Pots


(This blog is dedicated to Raynah. Thank you for making me a Paint "pot head").

I love, love, LOVE Mac Paint Pots. They come in a variety of shades and can be worn alone, or blended together. They also work well as a base underneath other eye shadows because they never crease, and they last all day. These pigments vary from flesh tones to intense, and bright colors. In the containers they appear creamy but once you apply them they have a powdery finish. You only have to use a dab of color, so they will last you. I purchased my first paint pot (Rubenesque) In Toronto in August, and I have used it daily ever since (until I purchased some more recently). However, the pot is still filled to the brim! Although each paint pot cost $16.50, it is a worthy investment. I am also a fool for packaging, as you can tell from the photo they come in neat, glass pots that are easy to carry. I suggest using a clean finger to blend these colors onto the eye lid and/or brow. I've tried a makeup brush but it doesn't blend as well.

You can find MAC Paint Pots at a local MAC retailer or go to