Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In The Nude: Summer's Natural Hue

     When I think of summer, I think of many things: the beach, sipping ice cold cocktails while enjoying the warm breeze, and vacationing. But as a fashion blogger, and self-proclaimed fashionista, I cannot help but to also think of the latest trends that seem to accompany the warm summer months. While there are so many summer trends that there isn't enough paper, tweets, or Blackberry message statuses to mention, I couldn't help but sit up and take notice of the nude trend ths season, and no, I am not referring to a lack of clothing. We'll save that for another post.
     Brights are fun colors for the summer, but if you want to get closer to nature, there's nothing like the color nude. It gives that "barely there" appeal, so it is very soft and subtle. Just like the clothing we shed during the warmer climates it is also befitting to shed away some bold colors from our makeup palletes, wardrobes and shoe collection. Nude makeup (lips & eyes), clothing, and accessories (shoes, scarves, handbags, etc) allow other elements of your wardrobe to shine.

     For example, a nude pump worn with a pencil skirt could elomgate the legs, while a nude eye shadow pallette could give way for a red pout to stand alone. If you are new to the nude trend, trying out nude eye or nail colors is a great start. Too-Faced cosmetics has a natural eye pallete, called the Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection (Sephora, $35). It is a blend of matte and shimmery eye colors that can transition from a "day" to "night" look. Although there are so many nude nail colors on the market these days my favorite is Sally Hansen's Cafe Au Lait, which reminds me of a tall, iced coffee. 

     Another way to wear this trend is to find some great nude accessories, like a sassy clutch, or nude colored garment (top, pants, shorts, suit, etc). Nude is sexy because it gives the illusion of nakedness, be it a natural face, alluring nails, or tawny legs. While being bold is fun and flirty, being nude takes a bit more vulnerability, more sex appeal. Although  nude seems very basic, it's versatile and looks great on everyone (now go out there and embrace your inner nudist!)