Monday, February 22, 2010

My Bathroom Sink, Part II: Body Products

I don't know about you, but I keep CVS in business. I am constantly buying products for my body to ensure smooth, healthy, and good-smelling skin. Unless you have a fragrance allergy (poor soul), everyone should smell good. Warning: take your shower before I do because I have a rigorous regimen that I stick to daily (thank goodness my roomate is a guy, who's low-maintenance!). I use all types of soaps, from natural shea or cocoa butter, to Dove ($1.99, CVS). My favorite is the exfoliating bar that has little blue beads embedded in it. It smells so good and makes me feel so fresh, and so clean. I also exfoliate my face and my feet, using a pedisponge for my feet that I purchased from CVS for about $4.00; One side is spongy and for lathering and the other side is like a scrub brush. My current occupation requires that I stand on my feet for hours on end so I have to take care of my feet daily (as we all should).
It says a lot when my nail tech tells me that my feet are so soft, so she must see some nasty feet! I also use a pumice stone, to remove dry skin. I also have a razor to slough away dry skin and calluses. I think you shouldn't wait to get to the nail shop to be told to take care of your feet. Also, after I use soap I prefer to follow up with a body wash, just to make sure I feel extra clean. My favorite body wash is Dove UltraRich Body Wash ($5 @ Target); But when I am strapped for cash I use CVS brands, Suave, or Tone, which would probably cost about $3-$4. Every once in a while, I'll use an exfoliating body scrub or polish.
This is where I splurge; Bath & Body Works has a chocolate body scrub and body butter-or at least they did a couple of years ago, and I stocked up on it. It is called Restorative Body Scrub $18, and Body Butter $16. I love to layer scents so I usually purchase body products as a set. Bath & Body Works also have aromatherapy scrubs, and Eucalyptus Spearmint (Relax) is my favorite, $20. It really does calm me down and I usually feel cool afterwards. Another favorite splurge of mines is Kiehl's original Rich Nourishing Cream(8.4oz @ $28). It is the best moisturizer I have ever used, and my skin just soaks it up. Thing is, you must not dress for several minutes to allow cream to work onto skin.
I also think Victoria's Secret has excellent body butters @ $10/jar; they smell good as well as moisturize well. My favorites are Pure Seduction, Secret Charm, and Amber Romance.

What are some of your favorite body products?

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Bathroom Sink, Part I

    (Brace yourself, this is more of an article, than it is any of my typical blogs, so sit tight, it's quite a long read!)

       Last year, I published a blog titled "The Kitchen Sink", describing what I thought people should carry on their person just in case of mishaps that can happen out in public. I decided to do a follow-up blog about products that I use everyday, and maybe some of you should too. These are products I use when I wake up and before I go to bed, and aid in cleaner and healthier skin on a daily basis. From facial, to body, as well as oral, I've got an arsenal of  "cosmetic assistants" that get my skin through the day and overnight. 
     I think every woman should have daily skin regimens, as well as every man. However, I think there should be a difference in the way a woman's skin feels than a man's. There's a problem if we both have dry, poorly manicured hands, as well as feet, and we both have stubbly legs. I've compiled a list of the things that I use everyday, while some are necessities for us all, I've also included extra products that I thought you should know about. As I stated in my blog about skin care (, when you wash your face and body, you should moisturize; when you brush your teeth, you should floss and gargle (with mouthwash). 
     I know, I know, I know, we were taught these things as children, but you'd be surprise who has either forgot, or never weren't taught these things (for some strange reason). For the sake of my time and yours, let's start with the face: I've got some very dry skin and use a combination of products to ensure that my face is clean, clear (of breakouts), and moisturized. Also, I use extra products to wipe off excess makeup. (CVS is the place to be if your dollars don't stretch far and you still want quality products). I use St. Ives Fresh Skin Olive Cleanser (photo:, $5.99 CVS). I use it to wash my face in the mornings because it smooths away extra oil from last night's application of night cream (as well as makeup), and it makes my skin extra clean. However I noticed that it can leave the face extra dry right after you clean it so apply moisturizer immediately. Right now, I use CVS brand Daily Serum, which acts the same as Olay's version, for the fraction of the price.  (Photo,, $15.00). My skin feels hydrated, especially against the freeing cold (especially today). Use minimally, you don't need to apply the whole container of product in one application in order to make it work (Nana: I love you dearly, but you are the queen of "overkill"). 
     Also, there are sometimes that I must admit to myself when a generic brand just won't cut it, and I will remain loyal to certain brands because of their effectiveness. Bliss All Around Eye Cream is one of those products. (Photo: $24 0.5oz @ Sephora). This product is worth the splurge, and before you start to judge, TRY using a product repeatedly first, then decide whether it works. Don't be the person who tries a facial product ONCE, or never, and then try to form an opinion about it. Anyhow, because I use this product regularly, and have been for over a year, it does reduce puffiness around the eyes and minimizes dark circles. Another word of advice: Don't wait until it is too late to start using eye products because aging starts at the creases of the eyes and mouth, and you want to take preventative measures now (well hell, I know I do!) As I stated before, these products are not "magic" and don't work over night so you need to use these repeatedly for them to work. Another skin cleanser I use to exfoliate (gently remove dead skin cells from my face) is CVS brand Daily Renewal Cleanser $9.00) which is similar to, as well as cheaper than Olay Regenerist Cleanser. (Note: I have tried BOTH Olay and CVS brands long enough to know the difference 2+ years).  They have exfoliating beads that are gentle yet effective enough to soften away dry skin, but it is not potent enough to remove make up alone.  So I use Olay Refreshing Toner to remove excess make up and oils from my face (photo: $4 @CVS). As you can tell, I use a combination of expensive and affordable products for my face (my skin is worth it!) If I ever have a break out, I use Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar for Acne Prone Skin ( photo: $3 @ CVS)


     Their products are excellent for oily skin, but also because I have dry skin, must follow immediately with a moisturizer. I know most people wouldn't have a separate night cream from the one they use during the day but I do! I use CVS brand Night Cream that is similar to Olay Regenerist Night Cream ($14.97). It is heavier than the day cream, but it smells so good and makes my face feel so smooth. It replenishes moisture washed away when I cleanse my face at night.  Finally, for my "back up" skin products, I use a line called Rx for Brown Skin Bright & Even (Bright & Clear for oily skin), featured at Sephora. These products are wonderful, yet expensive, so these are my back ups when the more affordable products don't seem to work (very rare, but when it gets bitter cold, my skin gets chafed and blotched, and this line almost works like "magic", if I had to say so myself).  The starter kit is $55, and it includes: Toner, cleanser, serum, and botanical brightener (evens skin tone, NOT a bleaching agent).


Your skin may not need the intensive care and high maintenance that mines need, but it is important to have a skin regimen, using products that do work. (Stay Tuned for Part II, Body Products, coming soon!!) Also, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to let me know!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dita's Addiction: "Mad As a Hatter" , By OPI

     This Blog is dedicated to, as well as inspired by a fellow fashion blogger, Fashion Court, who featured this nail color, "Mad as a Hatter" in her blog. This color is part of a collection, called Alice in Wonderland, by OPI. Here is the URL to her blog below:

The name of this nail color, "Mad as a Hatter" was inspired by actor Johnny Depp's character, "The Mad Hatter", in Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland. Just as the character is the first to encounter Alice, in the story, this nail polish is so noticeable, that it is probably the first thing you would notice about the wearer. This nail color, as is the character it was named after, is both showy, and eccentric. The faint of heart, or conservative need not apply. I describe this color as "as hyper as the Mad Hatter himself" because the color has bits of multi-colored glitter in it and seems to be "all over the place" since the colors are distributed evenly throughout the nail lacquer. 



     However, as fellow blogger FashionCourt warned, that this color doesn't have that much depth to it, so she suggests that you add a few more coats than you usually would. I also suggest that you find another nail color that would work underneath it. As my fabulous and wonderfully talented nail technician suggested for me, I chose the Russian Navy by OPI, to wear underneath the "Mad as a Hatter" to give it more depth. As you can see in the picture above, my nails almost look black, but with lots of shimmer! (Thanks to my dear friend Kawana, for the pictures.) It was difficult trying to show pics of how shimmery this nail color is.

BUY: If you would like to purchase this color, go to, or Visit your local nail salon, since most order the latest OPI nail color collections, to try "Mad as a Hatter" on for size.

Photos: (of "Mad as a Hatter", (of "Russian Navy",


Monday, February 1, 2010

Nicky Minaj & The "Barbie" Phenomenon

     I have a blue key chain with pink writing that reads: "I want to be like Barbie, the Bitch has everything".  I think to some degree every woman wants to channel her inner "Barbie". Just like the iconic doll, she's super sexy, ultra-feminine, and she has her own house, car, man, etc. (each sold separately). Although such stars as Pamela Anderson, Lil Kim, and Paris Hilton are known for their "Barbie"-like qualities, I think that Rapper Nicky Minaj has revamped this phenomena among urban women. I am not directing this observation towards any particular race or ethnic group, I am referring to women who live in the city, who stay on top of the latest trends, live a faster paced life, and are usually single (unmarried). Whereas most women who live in the suburbs are family-oriented.
(photo of Minaj, sitting:
     In, 2007 NYC's own Nicky Minaj posed as a Barbie doll on the cover of her mix tape, titled Playtime is Over (photo, shown above, In 2010 she has titled her latest work, Barbie World. What gives her Barbie-like qualities is her beauty, dangerous curves, her femininity, and sex appeal. She has been photo'd with pink hair, and pink clothing. For those who don't know, colors give off certain moods. Pink represents sensuality, femininity, and even innocence. So there is that element of Barbie, as we know her to be, both alluring and sexual, but also innocent and "girly". 
     Although a lot of us women are in the workforce, and we want to be taken seriously, I also think there is a part of us that wants to get in touch with our inner "Barbie" every now and then. I also think that Nicky Minaj portrays this fantasy that we may want to be a part of. Part sinner, part saint, innocent yet naughty, sensual, yet emotionless (I know I wish I can be robotic when it comes to certain situations) Barbie. She's an icon because of her timeless beauty, her possessions, but also her "plastic" nature to her surroundings..meaning..She doesn't let the outside world influence her, she influences the outside world.