Monday, February 1, 2010

Nicky Minaj & The "Barbie" Phenomenon

     I have a blue key chain with pink writing that reads: "I want to be like Barbie, the Bitch has everything".  I think to some degree every woman wants to channel her inner "Barbie". Just like the iconic doll, she's super sexy, ultra-feminine, and she has her own house, car, man, etc. (each sold separately). Although such stars as Pamela Anderson, Lil Kim, and Paris Hilton are known for their "Barbie"-like qualities, I think that Rapper Nicky Minaj has revamped this phenomena among urban women. I am not directing this observation towards any particular race or ethnic group, I am referring to women who live in the city, who stay on top of the latest trends, live a faster paced life, and are usually single (unmarried). Whereas most women who live in the suburbs are family-oriented.
(photo of Minaj, sitting:
     In, 2007 NYC's own Nicky Minaj posed as a Barbie doll on the cover of her mix tape, titled Playtime is Over (photo, shown above, In 2010 she has titled her latest work, Barbie World. What gives her Barbie-like qualities is her beauty, dangerous curves, her femininity, and sex appeal. She has been photo'd with pink hair, and pink clothing. For those who don't know, colors give off certain moods. Pink represents sensuality, femininity, and even innocence. So there is that element of Barbie, as we know her to be, both alluring and sexual, but also innocent and "girly". 
     Although a lot of us women are in the workforce, and we want to be taken seriously, I also think there is a part of us that wants to get in touch with our inner "Barbie" every now and then. I also think that Nicky Minaj portrays this fantasy that we may want to be a part of. Part sinner, part saint, innocent yet naughty, sensual, yet emotionless (I know I wish I can be robotic when it comes to certain situations) Barbie. She's an icon because of her timeless beauty, her possessions, but also her "plastic" nature to her surroundings..meaning..She doesn't let the outside world influence her, she influences the outside world.



Anonymous said...

definitely, I want to be 6'2 with big boobs and long legs...ahhh

Dita Tastemakr said...

I would definitely like to be taller, with a bigger booty!!