Thursday, December 17, 2009

The "Kitchen Sink" (A Unisex Blog)

I was once told by a friend, "you have everything in there (my bag, which equates to a weekend bag nowadays) but the kitchen sink!" Damn skippy. I may carry around a figurative kitchen sink, but one thing is for sure, I am almost never in the streets and far away from home without the things I may need. I mean, everyone should carry around their own "kitchen sink" of things they may need "just in case". Things do happen that are beyond our control but I still think that there are some preventative measures we can take to ensure some damage control.
     I know someone who carries around extra pairs of shoes, because she has a tendency to break her heels, so, these things do happen to some people. But that is what works for her. There are a few basic items that I think all people should carry with them, just in case. (Please note that most of the following items I am suggesting are travel-sized containers because they are light and easier to carry, so no excuses!)
     Travel-sized toothbrush/toothpaste. And I mean BOTH of them, not one or the other. You never know who you are going to meet, or where you may end up throughout the day, or towards the end of the night! I am sorry, but there are some issues that go beyond the scope (pun intended for your sake!) of popping a mint or chewing gum. Ever notice that some of the most talkative people have the yuckiest breath? Bring a toothbrush/toothpaste to remove the film off your tongue so it won't smell like you ate shit on toast for lunch. Another thing: floss! Food gets trapped in your gums and can cause infection, and infection has a pungent smell that can affect your breath. If you don't believe me because you think I am too fashionable to be intelligent, ask your dentist or go Google it.
     Also, what if you end up crashing at a friend's house? You know it has happened or can happen. You do have to go back out in public on your way home, right? Right. Another must-have item: lip balm. I am tired of seeing adults with dry ass, flaking and crusty lips. It is unsightful and unfashionable. Don't be caught dead in a dapper Hugo Boss suit and have crusty lips, I will judge you for spending hundreds on a suit, and not $1.65 for Carmex. Yes, I will judge you and so will the rest of the world. Imagine someone belting out a Nelson-from-the-Simpsons-like, "Ha-Ha" as you walk by with your crusty lips. Cruel? No, you are too grown for that horrible sense of irony.
     Also remember, the skin on your lips need care too! Even if you don't care how you look, I do, because 9 times out of 10 you choose to sit next to me on the D-Line. Another must-have is hand lotion.  It can be a travel-sized bottle you can throw in your Coach messenger bags (gentlemen), or in your Dior Saddle Bag (ladies). Even if you do work in the salt mines I don't need to see the evidence on your hands, so lotion up, especially after you wash them, which removes some of your skin's natural oils that need to be replenished. Where ever there is skin, moisturize! Deodorant/antiperspirant. For some, this may be optional. A travel-sized container would not hurt, but would is if you knock everyone out around you with your musty arm pits, and then there is no one to talk to, because they are all spread eagle on the floor. Deodorant does wear off, use as needed.
     Brush/comb: For those fly-away hairs that need to be tamed in a cinch, a brush or comb will do the trick. There is nothing fashionable about Alfafa, from The Little Rascals, and no one is looking for his replacement, either. Cash: I am sorry to break the bad news, but there are some establishments who still have "cash only" policies. For example, I went to a banquet last Saturday, and a friend went to the bar to buy me a drink with his credit card, only to find that it was a cash bar. Another example, cabs. I have been in cabs in NYC that allow for credit card acceptance, but those services are rare. You never know when you are going to need cab fare. These are a few items that I think that people should carry in their "kitchen sinks" because one may never know what may befall them throughout the day, or even at night. Travel sized toiletries are not just for vacation travel, but also for everyday convenient use. If you have any suggestions or ideas as to what men and women should carry on their person daily, please feel free to comment below.


Lei Ann said...

hahaha...well done, davita! i wholeheartedly agree on the lip balm (espesh this time of year) & the cash (i hate having dinner with a number of friends & we all play the credit card "royal rumble" when the split is only $11 each -- just dumb). i would also like to add those single packets of tissue. always handy for grossness you encounter in your daily life like wiping off door handles or you get sniffly & have nothing to blow your nose on :)

Dita Tastemakr said...

@ Lei Ann: thanks for reading my blog :-) Also, I agree-tissues are very much needed in case there is a spill, opening a bathroom stall door or wiping your nose!