Monday, January 4, 2010

Dita's Addiction: Mac Paint Pots


(This blog is dedicated to Raynah. Thank you for making me a Paint "pot head").

I love, love, LOVE Mac Paint Pots. They come in a variety of shades and can be worn alone, or blended together. They also work well as a base underneath other eye shadows because they never crease, and they last all day. These pigments vary from flesh tones to intense, and bright colors. In the containers they appear creamy but once you apply them they have a powdery finish. You only have to use a dab of color, so they will last you. I purchased my first paint pot (Rubenesque) In Toronto in August, and I have used it daily ever since (until I purchased some more recently). However, the pot is still filled to the brim! Although each paint pot cost $16.50, it is a worthy investment. I am also a fool for packaging, as you can tell from the photo they come in neat, glass pots that are easy to carry. I suggest using a clean finger to blend these colors onto the eye lid and/or brow. I've tried a makeup brush but it doesn't blend as well.

You can find MAC Paint Pots at a local MAC retailer or go to


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