Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Man Should Have in His Closet

     I think a man's wardrobe should look quite different than it did when he was a boy growing up, because being a man requires more. His status in life has changed (or should have); He has more of an established career and should have an idea by now what he wants out of life. Therefore, he should have the means to make better choices in attire, and have acquired more sophisticated tastes in fashion than he had when he was in high school. (This is not true for some, to much disappointment, because I've noticed some men who still dress like they are sophomores in high school). Anyhow, here is a list of staples I believe should be in an adult male's closet.

1. A Suit. Oooooh, I love a man in a suit. There is nothing sexier than a man in a suit. He exudes power, confidence, prestige, and sophistication. Aside from that, there are certain events that men will attend that will require that he wears a suit (not to mention that it is very professional for a man to wear one to a job interview). Also, formal occasions may arise, such as a Christmas dinner party held at the Westin Hotel by the company he works for, a black-tie charity event  a wedding, funeral, church, etc.

2. Blazer. These are essential because they are staples to a man's wardrobe, as it is for a woman's wardrobe. It can be worn at work, or paired with denim for a casual yet sophisticated look when a man is on a date, out with friends, or at a function where suits aren't required, but looking "classy" is. (It sickens me to see men dressing like teenage boys (sagging or torn jeans, over-sized clothing, tight clothing, etc). Is it because he trying to hang on to his childhood, or "keep it real"? If a man wants to be taken seriously ( as a man) he needs to look the part.

3. Crisp button-up shirts. I think men should have these on-hand, not only for work, but also for the same reasons he would have a suit or blazers. There are some events that a man would be required to attend, that would call for a nice shirt and tie. A button-up shirt is simple, classic, and can be interchanged with a suit, or dressed casually with pants/denim, and a blazer. Sophistication is the key!!!

4. A great pair of Denim.  ( A great pair that fits, please!! Baggy and saggy is unattractive, unkempt, and shows lack of self-confidence; I also think "skinny" is not a good look on men, either! Oh no she didn't, OH YES I DID).
I think great denim serves the same purpose for men as it does women. Seven For All Mankind, Rock & Republic, and Rockawear make some very flattering denim for men. As I've stated to the women, "if you look good you will feel good".

5. Dress shoes.Just as there are certain types of clothing a man should wear for a given occasion, the same goes for footwear. Wing-tipped, square-toed, oxfords, loafers, gators (oh my!), or whatever style men prefer. It is important that a man's look is appropriate from head-to-toe.

6. Polo shirts. They are very simple, and casual, but more sophisticated than wearing a t-shirt.

7. Tie. I cannot say this enough; There are some events in a man's life that will demand he dress a certain way.

8. T-Shirts. These are excellent for layering and are a basis to just about any wardrobe (can be worn under a button-up shirt worn with a suit, or under a blazer and some trousers).

9. Trousers. Most jobs don't allow employees to wear pants, and trousers are casual and not as fancy as dress pants, or pants that are part of a suit. Even if a job allows a man to wear denim at work, at least try not to look like your 15-year-old nephew when you are wearing them.

10. Trench Coat. Simple, yet sophisticated. It can be worn to work, or to a formal function. The good thing about a trench coat, as well as the many other items on this list, is that it serves many functions and can be worn more than once. Most importantly, it can be cost-effective to have pieces that can be incorporated in more than one type of wardrobe.

Stores:  Brooks Brothers, Macys, H&M, Marshalls, Filene's Basement, Men's Wearhouse, Banana Republic

Photos: (Hugo Boss suit) ;(shirts) ; (Rock & Republic denim) ;(Burberry trench coat)



Anonymous said...

I so agree! great post..and awesome picks.. I love them all and I make my bf wear them all (but he is not too fond of the polos! haha!)

Dita Tastemakr said...

@Miss Neira: Thank You! No polo's huh? It's funny I was going to omit the polos, but I think they look better than wearing plain tees all the time.

Anonymous said...

This blog was very helpful and I think some men need help when it comes to fashion.

Fashion Court said...

this was a FABULOUS post. there are so many guys who just do NOT get it lol

Anonymous said...

thanks D

i gotta get that suit
actually i need 2
you are right about a man's attire
being suitable with his age
keep up the good work

Dita Tastemakr said...

@Fashion Court: Thank You for reading my blog!

@AntiguaBossy: Yes, you must have a suit! You just never know when a situation/event will call for one. Plus it's manly! Thanks for being a loyal follower!