Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dita's Addiction: Fruits and Passion Rollerballs Pink & Mango Evasion


     In my opinion, the Fruits and Passion retailer is Canada's answer to the US's Bath and Body Works, or maybe even better. I scored some of their products on a visit to Toronto for Caribana last August, and I fell deeply in love with two fragrances: Pink, and Mango Evasion. They both have a sweet smell and I find that they are still strong enough to last you throughout the day without being overwhelming. I purchased the rollerballs, which are portable and easy to reapply while on the run, at $16.00 each (Canadian currency). I did hear recently that Fruits and Passions are launching some US stores, which I am excited about. In the meantime, I suggest you log on to to view and order some of their products.

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