Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swagger Like...Victoria Beckham

       First of all I have to say that some of the most stylish and most fabulous fashionistas in the "game" are British, and Victoria Beckham is at the forefront. She has gallivanted her way from being known as 1/5 of the UK Pop group "The Spice Girls" to being a celeb fashion designer, entrepreneur, and trend setter. She has also added author to her list of accomplishments, with a book titled That Extra Half an Inch. It is a must read! In her book, she covers various topics from denim, heels, and lingerie, to hair and makeup, and how to look fabulous during and after pregnancy. She also gives practical tips on where to shop on a budget.
     Some critics may think that she does not have what it takes to write a book, and own her own clothing and perfume line, but I beg to differ. She is very fashion forward and sets her own trends, barely enlisting the help of a personal stylist to help her put together her outfits! What better fashion advice can one get than from a globe-trotting trendsetter? She's worldly, has access to many designers and celebrities, and is married to one of the sexiest and most successful soccer players in the world. So her swagger and devil-may-care attitude makes her confident enough to know that she can contribute to the fashion industry in many ways as possible, and this is someone whom I'd take advice from; Someone who is already where I want to be can give the most valuable advice.
     Mrs. Beckham is nobody's "trophy wife"-she has her own luxury denim (dVb), clothing (Victoria Beckham), and perfume lines (Beckham Signature), and as I've stated before, a book title under her belt. Also, she is a doting mother. Said British designer Matthew Williamson, "Victoria clearly loves fashion, and her style is watched and copied by many. It's interesting to me to look at how her personal style has evolved over the years". And some may wonder, "why should I read a book by a former Spice Girl?" She is more than that. She can relate to the average woman more so than a supermodel or an actress could,  because "I am not a six-foot-tall model, nor am I a pin-up model for men, and, for this book, that's my strength, because I am a girls' girl".

Suggested Reading: That Extra Half an Inch, By Victoria Beckham


Anonymous said...

Im dying for a striped dress like hers!

Anonymous said...

I have a hate/love relationship with her, I think she is fabulous but so superficial! but I love her and yet I want to throw a cupcake at her.. see what I mean?!

Dita Tastemakr said...

@ Amy: I love that dress too! As well as the Louboutins she is wearing.
@Miss Neira: I envy her wardrobe, but I can't be mad at her swag. "She acts like that because she can back it up, she's got a big ego.." LOL

Fashion Court said...

can i confess something? i TOTALLY love her. when i went to a spice girls concert a few years ago, i was lucky to have seats REALLY close to the stage and whenever she came by i would SCREAM my love hahaha ;D

Dita Tastemakr said...

@Fashion Court: I love her too, and I would love to meet her!