Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning Tips: What to Store, Wear, or Give Away

1. If you discover items that you have forgotten that you've own, chances are that you may not even use it, or wear it.

2. If you do stumble upon long-lost items, and you have trouble letting them go, try this: If you can add it to your current wardrobe within two weeks, it's a keeper. If you don't find yourself wearing soon after, get rid of it.

3. Store away items that can be used during the summer; Keep items that can be layered, or worn for the current winter season within reach.

4. Toss out those Old Navy flip flops from last Summer. Because they are affordable (2 for $5.00ea), they can be replaced. But also, dirt and bacteria from last year's strolls on the beach could have seeped into them.

5. Try to go over your garment/shoes each season to evaluate what to wear, store, or let go. This way you will always leave room for new things, but also compel you to wear what you already have. Get as much use from your purchases as much as possible!

6. Give away useful items, as well as those in good condition, to charity (Planet Aid, Red Cross, Salvation Army). Remember, successful people are also generous people who give back to the community in some way. (Sarah Jessica Parker gives many of her fabulous clothes to consignment Boutiques in NYC)

I recently gave away six (and counting) garbage bags of good clothing away to Planet Aid. Why hang on to things that others in need can put to good use?

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kawana said...

I love it, girl! Really think I am going to go through my closet tonight...... :-)

Dita Tastemakr said...

@kawana, thanks for your comment! I already did spring cleaning, now I have to muster up the energy to begin summer cleaning!