Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!! My First Photo Post

I decided to treat myself to a photoshoot for my birthday, which was 10/10/2010, and to finally showcase some of my own outfits to my readers. Sequins, which is one of my favorite trends, is the theme I chose to wear on my birthday. To me, they represent Sophistication, glamour and celebration.

Here, I am wearing a sequined top and liquid leggings from H&M, and shoes from StellaBlu.

These strappy leather sandals are in the Jessica Simpson Collection. Don't sleep on her shoes, they are not only affordable, wearable and stylish, but also they exude her own style.

This multi-colored sequined jacket is one of my favorite pieces. I got it from H&M last year and I am impressed with the quality of the stitch-work for the price I paid for the jacket ($49.95). I wore red lipstick and nails as a fun contrast against this wonderfully colored jacket and black pants.

Thanks to my wonderful photographer George, for the amazing pictures!


KITT_kat_EYES said...

Very cute. I had a similar theme for my birthday back in September. TOTALLY agree with the elegance and sophistication.

Dita Tastmakr said...

Thank you! I love sequins, they add glamour to an outfit!

Anonymous said...

ver nice pics

thanks George

Anonymous said...

You looked so amazing in the shoot! do another one!

<a href=">Miss Neira</a>

Dita Tastmakr said...

@Miss Neira: Thanks! I would love to do more shoots, but they can be very costly!

hassam said...

good article