Monday, August 9, 2010

Somewhere...Over The Rainbow: Irridescence Forcasted for Fall

     "For every cloud, there is a silver lining". But this fall, irridescent hues are lining the catwalk as well as the sidewalk. Irridescence is a phenomenon described when an object, surface, or living thing may appear to be various colors depending upon what angle it is being viewed from. That can also be interpreted as how we all view the world from different angles, depending on where we live, how we feel, among other aspects. Therefore, differences are what make this world so colorful, as well as beautiful and fun. It is befitting that, as we all approach the fall season, irridescence reflects in the clothing and accessories we are or will be wearing.

     Because irridescent fabrics mimic the same effects found in nature, such as an insect's wings, a rainbow or bubble, they will be very bold and it is very important that the garment, makeup or accessory worn stands alone. In other words, keep everything else simple so the irridescent pattern can shine on its own without clashing with another bold pattern or color, such as red or yellow. If you dare wear a dark colored dress, for example, wearing an irridescent accessory to reflect the color of the dress while the dark color absorbs light is a great balance (dark purples, and cobalt blues are wonderful examples).  Please note that the word "accessory" is singular, don't get carried away with this trend; this is one that could make for a recipe for disaster!

     If you want to try out this trend by using makeup and cosmetics (one approach I usually take before gravitating to garments and accessories), try a fun irridescent Dazzle Glass lipgloss by M-A-C, or try some eyeshadows and lipsticks from Illamasqua, a dramatic makeup line at Sephora. But remember, if you choose to have irridescent eyes, make sure your lipcolor is neutral, or simple enough to allow your eyes to pop. If you choose to rock an irridescent lipcolor, the same rules apply. keep the face as simple or natural as possible. Unless you've got a career that is appropriate for dramatic makeup, I suggest you limit the trend at work to a lipcolor.

  I view irridescence as a reflection of the moods of designers abroad: hopeful, bright and optimistic as we approach the end of a decennial and the beginning of a new season and new year, and maybe, just maybe, a flourishing economy. What's your view on this trend?

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