Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How To Wear..SEQUINS

As an H&M employee I am privy to new items, as well as old, and sale items. The latest trend that I have grown to adore is sequins. Currently, I own a sequined beret (H&M, $12.95); Jacket (Last two photos, bottom :H&M,Black, $49.95); Multicolored Jacket (Left,2nd photo, bottom: H&M, $49.95), and recently purchased a top,#rd &4th photo, bottom: H&M, orig. $49.95, sale $10!!) However, I know that in order to successfully pull off this trend (which incidentially revived after MJ's death), there are a few rules to abide by:

1. Don't wear more than one piece at a time, unless you want to look like your grandmother when she used to party at Studio 54. You'd look costumey and therefore become a "trend victim" by OD-ing on a trend.
2. Make sure you keep whatever else you are pairing with the sequins as simple as possible, so it wouldn't compete with the sequined piece of your outfit.

3. Wear sequin pieces that are flattering. Let me say that again-get pieces that are flattering to your body type. I am sick of people buying a trend because they see it in their size, but it doesn't complement their shape. For example, I am short and busty, and I know that sequined harem pants would not work well with my shape, and I'd look like an elf. Acknowledge that a trend or style doesn't work for you and move on. Everything isn't for everybody!

4. Get a garment whose sequins have been sewn on well, and have decent quality. There are certain stores that I've visited, and the sequined items I observed had such poor stitching that all it took was one pull, and all the sequins would fall off onto the ground. This is a trend that if you want to store the garment for future usage, I suggest that you pay a bit more for better quality. Furthermore, don't wear any materials that could get snagged by the sequins.

5. If you'd like to try this trend, but are nervous because it is a very flashy and daring look, start off small with a clutch, shoes,belt, or a headband. I started out purchasing the black sequined beret from H&M, then worked my way up. It is not entirely covered in sequins but just enough for a bit of sparkle.


FashionJazz said...

Luved ur post!! Hope ur well! xx

Dita Tastemakr said...

@Fashion Jazz: thanks for reading, I've been in blogger limbo when I fell ill this month. I am recovering now!